Police Department

June 1, 2015 Ceremony

June 1, 2015 Department Ceremony

At this ceremony the Middletown Police Department was recognized by the New England Association of Chiefs of Police (NEACOP) for their Community Policing initiatives. Chief Pesare accepted the award on behalf of the department from NEACOP President Chief Desmarais (Cumberland, RI) and NEACOP Executive Director Chief Coyne (North Attleboro, MA).

The retirement of Deputy Chief Hazel was also recognized at this ceremony. Major Hazel retired after 29 years of service with the department.

Four members of the department were promoted. Lieutenant Karoly was promoted to the rank of Major. Sergeant Beck was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Officer Hurst was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and Officer Barth was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Four new officers were sworn in as members of the department. Officer Foody, Officer Orellana, Officer Ponte and Officer Iskra are all graduates of the 2014-2 Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy.

Officer McKinnon received an award for his service as Class Training Officer at the 123rd session of the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy.


From left to right: Detective Kravhcuk, Chief Desmarais, Chief Pesare, Chief Coyne


From left to right: Major Karoly, Lt. Beck, Sgt. Hurst, Sgt. Barth



From left to right: Officers Foody, Orellana, Ponte, and Iskra



Town Council President Sylvia with Officer McKinnon