Police Department




The Middletown Police Department provides fingerprinting as a servce for its residents and local businesses on FRIDAYS from 0900-1000 AM

Who can get fingerprinted?

We provide fingerprinting for the following reasons:

  1. Childcare/Day care employment
  2. DCYF employment
  3. Adoption
  4. Foster care
  5. Massage Therapist licensing
  6. Mental Health Employment
  7. Middletown School Department employment
  8. Medical marijuana cargiver applications
  9. Firefighter Applications
  10. Securities and Licensing (fingerprint card only)

What does it cost?

DCYF, Childcare and Daycare employment is free of charge but limited to Middletown Residents only. You must be a resident of Middletown, not employed in Middletown.

Adoption and Foster Care are also free of charge.

The cost for Massage Therapists, Firefighter Applications, Mental Health employment, Middletown School employment, and Medical marijuana caregiver applications is $40.00.

Securities and Licensing application that require just a fingerprint card and no background check are $10.00 per card.

The Fingerprint Request paperwork can be found under the Forms section.

The fingerprint machine is located in the booking room of the Middletown Police Station. The machine is used to scan a person’s fingerprint and store it in a National computer database.The fingerprint can then be used for identification and it can scan the system to match it up to a fingerprint lifted from a scene. This machine does not require the use of ink.