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Middletown Police Citizen Survey Executive Summary



On September 3, 2016, Chief Anthony M. Pesare, of the Middletown Police Department (MPD), commissioned twelve senior Administration of Justice (ADJ) students from Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, to conduct a survey on the performance of the MPD and its personnel. Under the direction of Professor William Piva and assisted by Accreditation Officer Jean Young. The research team included the following students: Cory Blankmeyer, Ethan Boghigian, Parker Bowen, Christopher Comery, Mark Fanella, Kevin Johnston, David Mavilia, Sean Nagy, Jared Ombati, Nicolette Peloquin, Benjamin Tetschner, and Nicholas Williams.

The MPD is a national accredited law enforcement agency and this survey will further assist the Department in their goal of accomplishing the re-accreditation process. This survey was designed to obtain the views of the Middletown citizens concerning issues such as crime problems, quality of life and safety. Other questions in the survey focus on the professionalism, helpfulness, courteousness, and awareness of the programs of MPD. The survey was intended to hear comments about the MPD, whether they were positive or negative. The MPD looks forward to hearing and furthering their improvements with the community based upon the results of the survey. It is essential to hear from the citizens of Middletown about the services they receive and how well they think the MPD is performing.

The survey was distributed during the months of October and November of 2016. Out of the 5,000 randomly distributed surveys, 728 were completed and returned.  The survey data was analyzed and the results are as follows:

Each survey (728) is considered one survey respondent.  Out of the 728 respondents, 364 respondents reported having contact with MPD while 336 did not and 28 did not answer.  Less than 1% of people stated that they encountered a cultural, language, and ethical barrier when in contact. Out of all the answered respondents, 314 people stated that the response was timely.

The MPD was ranked on a 1-5 scale, 5 being excellent, as a Department overall and for each individual section within the Department. The MPD was rated a 5 overall and most commonly for the categories: professional, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. Each individual section within the Department (Supervisors, Detectives, Patrol, Dispatcher, Records) achieved a 5 rating as being the most common answer for being professional, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Citizens were asked how familiar they were with the services provided by the Middletown Police Department.  The top three familiar services were the DUI, Speed, and “Click It or Ticket” Enforcement programs with 73% of respondents, Child Seat Belt Checks with 63% of respondents, and Fingerprinting with 58% of respondents. The three services which the residents of Middletown were least familiar with were the Online Thank an Officer (10%), Online Civilian Complaint (12%), and Vacant House Checks and Elderly Advocate (24%).

The survey asked respondents what crimes or violations were the most concerning, in their opinion, within the Town of Middletown.  Residents responded with the most serious issues being Speeding and Drug/Alcohol Abuse.  96% of respondents stated they felt safe walking in neighborhoods during the day, while only 86% stated the same for the night. 94% of respondents stated they felt safe in their neighborhood and 3% did not.  These questions were not specific to crime alone, as some respondents expressed fear of coyotes during the night.

Overall, the Middletown Police Department scored in the 95th percentile or higher in all surveyed categories: Professionalism, Courteousness, Helpfulness and Knowledge of the Profession. The citizens feel safe in Middletown with the dedication of the Middletown Police Department. The residents believe the Department is doing an outstanding job, and they offer an overwhelming number of services. A suggestion that was expressed in several survey entries was to better promote those services to the public so they are more aware of the programs offered.

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