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Animal Control

Animal Control Officer: ACO Greg Gerjets

Phone: (401) 846-1144  x7101

Email: ggerjets@middletownri.com


Message from the Animal Control Officer

The American Red Cross does not allow pets in their emergency shelters therefore arrangements need to be made in advance to ensure your pet’s safety. The Potter League has a free brochure called, “Disaster Planning for Your Animals” which is available at the Potter League, 87 Oliphant Lane Middletown, R.I., or can be downloaded from the Potter Animal Shelter website. This brochure contains vital information for you and your pet to prepare for a disaster.

You can find pet friendly motels in the area by accessing Petswelcome.

Key points to remember:

    • Make sure your animal is wearing up-to-date ID tags.
    • Have a current photograph of your pet(s).
    • Have veterinary records handy with evidence of up-to-date immunizations. Include the name and phone number of your vet.
    • Written instructions for feeding, medical or behavioral problems.
    • Don’t forget to bring along your pet’s favorite toy to reduce stress.
    • Remember food, water and medication(s) for the trip.
    • Have a plan and if you need to leave the island, leave early. (Consider bridge closings, gas in your vehicle, traffic and travel time.)
    • Find a place that will acomodate you and your pet(s). (Make arrangements to stay with family, friends, in a hotel or motel.)
    • Keep a check on the weather by using radio, television or newspapers.

Keep in mind that you are on Aquidneck Island and that all three bridges could be closed during a major event. Travel might be restricted when winds originating from directions perpendicular to the bridges are recorded in excess of 58 miles per hour. Closure of the bridges to all traffic will be considered if winds increase to a sustained 69 miles per hour in the above specified directions. The more advance planning you do, the safer you and your pets will be.

Hopefully this information will be helpful to you and your pets.

Be prepared to protect your animals in the event of a disaster.

Prior planning will insure your safety and that of your pet.

Do you have a plan?

These links will provide help finding shelters and evacuation

information that will be vital in the event of a natural disaster.

Animal Control Officer Greg Gerjets.

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Ordinance of the Town of Middletown, R.I.


  1. From May 1 through September 30th, dogs shall be permitted on town beaches, only between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 7:45 a.m., provided they are on a leash.
  2. From the day after October 1, through the 30th of April, dogs shall be allowed on town beaches, provided they are leashed.
  3. Any person walking or in control of a dog which defecates must immediately remove the waste.


  1. From May 1 through September 30th, no person shall ride any horse upon Sachuest and Third Beaches.
  2. No person shall ride a horse upon Sachuest or Third Beaches upon that part of the shore between high and low water marks adjacent thereto in such manner as may create a hazard to himself/herself or as to endanger the lives and safety of any members of the public or their property. Any person in control of a horse which deficates on the beach, street, sidewalk or public property must immediately remove the waste.




To report a dead, stranded of injured sea turtle or other marine animal contact Mystic Aquarium at (860) 572-5955 ex. 107.


Rabies Clinic Schedule
Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association
DEM Rabies Fact Sheet Who to Call When a Potential Rabies Exposure Occurs
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